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Wood and aluminium windows

windows and doors WOODEN

The quality of our joinery is the result of many values mixed together.
It all starts with the choice of raw materials, which are of great importance both for the durability of the windows and doors, and for their aesthetic appeal.

The woods we normally use are mahogany, larch, oak, chestnut and pine, whose finishes and colours will make the rooms of your home more elegant and modern.
The same attention continues in production thanks to the use of state-of-the-art, highly automated equipment, which allows for precise, high-speed machining at all times.

This product is highly sought after, to such an extent that it represents our first continuous production. Every choice represents perfection: Maico hardware, double/triple gaskets, spraying with Adler paints (wood-coloured, Ral lacquered or two-tone paints) and hand-made detail finishes make the final work excellent.

The final properties achieved such as solidity, zero maintenance and exceptional durability reflect perfect advantages that you can obtain by choosing our windows and doors, which are constructed and installed by our trained and qualified team.

our certifications

Characteristics possessed by our certified (CE) standard windows and verified at the Legnolegno laboratory through UNI-EN 14352 OF 2006:

Air permeability

In the certification of the UNI-EN 1026 standard, out of five performance classes (0 to 4) the best class (4) was found for the evaluation of air leakage between frame and sash on the pressures applied during conformity tests.

Water resistance

In the UNI-EN 1027 standard, the best of all resistance classes (from 0A up to E1050 for external frames) is E1050. It is therefore certified that one of our standard windows does not show water infiltration up to 1050 Pa pressure, which corresponds to a wind thrust of about 150 km/h.

Wind load resistance

UNI-EN 12210 classifies the window frame according to the wind load it is subjected to and the letters verify the deformation that occurs. Our certificate achieves a classification of 3C, which is excellent because no deformation was observed under the enormous load applied.

windows and doors Wood - aluminium

The demand for this product is identical to those for wood-only windows.
The process for the creation of wood-aluminium windows is identical to those mentioned above, as the processing to be carried out is the same.

The big difference is an aluminium frame available in Ral lacquer and wood tints. The frame is applied to the outside of both the sashes and the window frames to increase the wood’s resistance to natural stresses.

The system can also be used for triple-glazed windows as it is recognised as an excellent material in terms of mechanical resistance. Although they have a higher cost percentage, they also have an ideal price-performance ratio.

They are recommended for all areas where there is periodic sunlight.