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Personalised consulting

Falegnameria Spreafico, with its dedication to free and personalised advice, stands as a benchmark in material selection and customised design. The customer is welcomed into an environment where attention to individual needs is a priority. The experienced team is committed to guiding every step, guaranteeing the utmost care in material selection and project definition.

Quotation and inspection

Falegnameria Spreafico’s approach is characterised by transparency and clarity. After a thorough inspection, the customer receives free estimates that carefully consider space and materials. The cost estimate is presented in a comprehensive manner, creating a solid basis of trust between the joinery and the customer.

Installation and Service

During installation, the joinery is committed to providing ongoing support and after-sales service. This proactive approach allows the customer to address any issues with the constant support of the experienced team. The commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond the simple installation, turning into a lasting relationship.

Accurate Measurement and 3D Programming

A crucial aspect of the process is the accurate measurement of spaces prior to acceptance of the quotation. The use of 3D programming for interior design is an added value that facilitates clear visualisation of the project. This state-of-the-art technology allows the customer to have a detailed and realistic view of the end result.

Transport and Installation

The service offered by Falegnameria Spreafico extends to the careful transport and complete installation of wooden, wood-aluminium and pvc windows and doors. This service includes sealing and caulking, ensuring not only a perfect installation but also an impeccable finish.

Various Services and Maintenance

The joinery is not limited to the manufacture of windows and doors, but offers a wide range of services. The customised installation of wardrobes, staircases and kitchens is carried out with attention to detail, guaranteeing a final result that fully meets the customer’s expectations. In addition, Falegnameria Spreafico offers renovation services for external doors and windows, the laying of cladding and parquet, and the installation of mosquito nets and electric shutters.

Personalised financing

Customised financing to meet each customer’s requirements. Contracts are customised: advance payments, work progress, deadlines and tailor-made financing.