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Furniture and kitchens


We offer custom-made kitchens with waterproof materials for the interior, such as laminated blockboard, guaranteeing durability, ease of cleaning and customised style. Exterior doors range from lacquered MDF to solid wood (pine, walnut, oak and chestnut) with unique mouldings.

New kitchen countertops include HPL laminate, with marble-like properties at a lower cost. We supply appliances from renowned brands such as Siemens, Franke and Novy, which are included in our complete offer with installation and connection. Cooperation with architects is possible for customised projects.

Choose the quality of our kitchens for a functional, elegant and customised environment.

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Gli armadi rappresentano la carta vincente della nostra falegnameria, offrendo un’ampia gamma di materiali, dalla qualità del legno massello all’economicità del truciolare. La passione e l’impegno dei nostri artigiani danno vita agli armadi, considerati il mobile più importante di ogni casa. Personalizzabili in colori e stili, offriamo una vasta gamma di opzioni aggiuntive.

Le ante si distinguono in tre categorie principali: classiche in legno, con lavorazioni eleganti e vernici trasparenti; moderne in legno, con design semplice e triangolare; moderne laccate, ideali per progetti d’avanguardia.

Offriamo soluzioni estetiche e funzionali rendendo l’arredo adatto a tutti i gusti.

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Falegnameria Spreafico excels in the design, manufacture and supply of made-to-measure interior furniture, using materials such as wood, laminate and chipboard. Using specialised tools, we precisely create furniture items for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, attics and more.

In bathrooms, we offer rustic washbasin tops with clear varnishes, while modern shelves feature lacquered finishes and HPL tops.

For TV furniture, our flexibility allows for diverse designs.

In addition, we create claddings, custom-made paneling and install parquet flooring.

Our joinery offers aesthetic and functional solutions to transform interiors with handcrafted style.


Falegnameria Spreafico, which has specialised in custom-made staircases for many years, gives these elements a significant aesthetic function beyond mere passage. Solid wood staircases, preferring woods such as oak, beech or chestnut, add warmth and naturalness to rooms.

The choice of wood not only offers hardness and aesthetic value, but also flexibility and impact resistance at a competitive cost.

The staircases can be adapted either to a rustic style, enhanced by wrought iron handrails, or to a modern design, incorporating glass, LEDs and concealed drawers.

Minimum maintenance and clear varnishes enhance the intrinsic beauty of the wood, guaranteeing a long-lasting result.